Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Making My Routine More "Green"

When I was a vegetarian, I was super conscious of what I was putting in and on my body...I had the natural toothpaste, soap, face cream, etc. Then when I decided to go back to my meat eating ways, the natural items just seemed to trickle out of my life! Weird, right?
Lately I have become more aware of what products I am using and what is in them. So I switched my deodorant and my toothpaste.
Deodorant is hard. I ended up finding a natural one at Whole Foods after overhearing (ahem totally eavesdropping) someone who was not an employee give her friend deodorant recommendations. You better believe I grabbed her favorite. AND IT WORKS!! I have been through a couple of other ones but this one REALLY WORKS!! I am super excited. Can you tell?

I am still on the search for a toothpaste. I seem to recall a natural one I used a long time ago that was very baking soda-ish. I really liked it. I really don't like this one below. But since I spent $$ on it I better finish it up! The deodorant pictured below didn't work for me either.

Any green recommendations? I am all ears!

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