Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY Easy Flannel/Felt Board #Storytime #Homeschool

Most people who know me are aware that I am a bit of a storytime junkie. Like, I will go to multiple libraries for multiple storytimes. I even go to storytimes when we are on vacation. The best storytimes were in Massachusetts at the Quincy library. Amazing. Bubble machine: check. Play silks: check. Music: Check
Of course I am obsessed with what happens at storytime and what "equipment" the library has. Because, hey, I have the books and all I need is a plan and some supplies to take stories to the next LEVEL at home. Woot Woot!!

Well, every library I have been to has a felt board. A felt board is a great way to have the child help "retell" the story, a great way to review a story and have them interact! I have a very hands on learner here, so these work great for us. There is no way I can fit one of the large rolling felt boards in my house, and the regular, flat ones that go on the wall are out of my price range. I made a felt board from red flannel and foam core not that long ago, but it was not quite strong enough with my rough kids. Plus red is not the best color. (See mine below...all I had other than red was blue. I should have gotten grey or black but that would have required a trip to the store).

I saw on Pinterest that a few people used canvases as the "frame" for the flannel boards. I always see a TON of awful art at the thrift store on these canvases. But I also had this great bulletin board on hand, and it has a hanger already too, so I used that.

DIY Flannel/Felt Board

1. Any fabric that has a "nap" that other fabric would stick to, such as flannel or felt. Check the thrift store, clearance bins for remnants, etc.
2. Board: Old bulletin board, canvas
3. Staple Gun (be super careful!)

1.Cut flannel about 6 inches wider than your board.
2. Stretch flannel taut.
3. Staple flannel to board all around.


Add cute shapes and tell a story!

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