Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Letter To Myself Re: Fashion Mistakes

Dear early to mid-twenty-something former self,

I know. Yes. I know. All the things you are saying are true.

I DID wear those Keen sandals with socks. Short, white crew socks. With jeans rolled up at the hem. Oh and with that maxi skirt too. Buuuut that was only because they were comfortable and my feet hurt from holding a toddler and pushing the grocery cart at the same time the day before in the wrong, wrong shoes.

I DID wear boots not tucked into skinny jeans. I wore them with what you might remember as "stovepipe" jeans, not "bootcut" jeans. But that was only because all my other jeans were weird leg widths too and I don't own any skinny jeans. I have two pairs of jeans, self. You know what's funny? How you in your twenty-something mind thinks that one day you might have a lot of clothes. You just aren't cut out for that.

I DID go to the store with no makeup, hair forced into a ponytail. I lost my eyeliner and my hairbrush. But that was becuase I was having a cuddly day with my sweet kids and I didn't feel like tearing myself away to find a silly hairbrush. Priorities, self.

I AM that mother who walks through the store with a screaming child. I NEED groceries, if I don't buy them, no one will have breakfast or (gasp!) snacks! Plus, the child eventually stops fussing once I am at the checkout =) She was just upset because I wouldn't let her open the jar of pickles.

Oh, and perfume is kinda irritating to me, so yeah, that's not happening all the time. And yes, I spend more on food than I do on clothes. And I also think that fancy handbags are overrated and that my car is awesome. I still like cats, but they have fallen down on the priority list significantly. The world is as small as you make it. I wish I could remember what is like to be a workaholic. Actually, I don't. You are doing enough.


  1. "I still like cats..." cracked me up. Our poor cat. We love her, but her life is radically different than before.

    Thanks for a pleasant, relatable post this morning.

  2. Thank you for stopping by Pamela. Happy Tuesday!

  3. Haha...I still wear Keens. My middle schoolers called me out the other day. 'Miss? Do you ALWAYS wear the same shoes?" Yes. Yes, I do.

  4. This is great. Thanks for the reminder, since I'm still a twenty-something worried about appearances.

  5. "I AM that mother who walks through the store with a screaming child." This was too funny, and true! I've been there before....the key is not to make eye contact with other people in the store. OR just remind yourself that either their kids are grown so they've forgotten how hard shopping with kids can be or they don't have kids yet and will one day eat their words. Haha, because it's like you said--if you don't buy groceries, there won't be food!


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