Monday, July 1, 2013

Storytime at Home with Bilingual Bear

Lately my son has been obsessed with the Berenstain Bears so I thought I would take advantage of the whole "bear" theme by reading one of our favorites "Bear at Home". It is one of our books from the publishing company I am an Ambassador for, Barefoot Books. I started reading this series of "Bear" books to him when he was a little baby, because they come in board book form (and paperback too!). Its funny because when you read a book a million times, you start noticing lots of different things in the book, like the background pictures, the colors and shapes...and more. Lucky for me, the "Bear" series comes in BILINGUAL form too!! Nice, because its always good for the storyteller (me, me, me) to mix things up a bit. Also, now that we are back in Texas, I see the need to know at least conversational Spanish!! AT LEAST!! Since we are not doing any formal schooling right now, I decided to get all the bilingual books and go from there.
I set up all his bears with the book before our little storytime. Things like this really draw him in.
I was really surprised when Mr. Z seemed so excited he started repeating some of the Spanish words without my prompting. We have been saying OSO! constantly since I read him this book (especially since his lovey is a bear!).

The book is really, really colorful, so of course little sister was attracted to the story too!

Being silly because I was taking pictures

Vocabulary words in the back of the book


Do you have any favorite bilingual activities or books? I am all eyes, let me know in the comments!

**Disclaimer: If you happen to purchase any books from my website, I do receive a commission.**

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