Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happiness Is....

Happiness....coincidences that make me smile.
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Coincidence #1
I worked at a local grocery store while I was in college here in San Antonio. There was the cutest elderly gentleman who would come in all the time. Guess what? When I was at this same grocery store last week, I saw him!! It was so funny and great because my toddler daughter started waving and acting cute. I have not seen this man in 8 years. He was sweet as ever and waved right back!!

Coincidence #2
I got my first car (same car I have now) when I was 20. It was procured from a local car dealership....that is a few blocks from my current home. Every time I pass it, I remember being SO EXCITED about my first car!

Coincidence #3
I also live close to a library. Once I got my car, I would sometimes venture out "far" past my school (actually less than 5 miles, I was so scared). I remember getting lost and having to turn around in this specific library parking lot. IN TEARS. There was no GPS. But it makes me smile all the time because I am here, driving the same exact car, and that library is my neighborhood library!! Sometimes the big world is actually a lot smaller than we think.

I hope this made you smile. Have a great Wednesday!


  1. OH I love this! Very happy coincidences :)

  2. I love that, Veronica! I love those memory tingles you feel from remembering something and being taken back to a time long ago :)


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