Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beauty Faves of the Week

I am always trying new products. I fantasize about lots of bath and body products filling my shelves..but in reality, I dont need a bunch of extra products, just good stuff that I really like. Lately I have been hunting for the perfect affordable eye cream. I have tried 2 Boots (from Target) brand eye creams, one of which is pictured. This one was $15 and has mostly organic plant based ingredients. The packaging is wonderful, I like not having to worry about dipping into a little jar.

My preferred mascras are Diorshow and Bobbi Brown's Everything mascara. But those are $25 each! I have tried some drugstore brands, and I do like L'Oreal Voluminous, but I wanted to try something new. So I decided to go for Mary Kay's Ultimate Mascara. For $15, I am very pleased with it. I like the long handled wand, the bristles and the formula is neither flaky or sticky. Plus it came to my HOUSE and the shipping was FAST! Glad I met a Mary Kay rep at one of the Market Days where I was selling books.

So while I was at Whole Foods buying their Avalon Organics handsoap and lotions (they were $1.99 after sale and coupon!!) I noticed a $2.99 sale on this Desert Essence coconut lotion. What is weird is that I couldn't really stand coconut until the last couple of years. Now I can't get enough! This lotion is super moisturizing, paraben free, and the smell is super duper coconut! If you are looking for just a hint of scent, this lotion is not for you. But if you like more fragrance, you would really like it!

There is a big sea of products out there, and I hope I have helped you narrow some categories down a bit.

**Note: This is not in any way a sponsored post. I just found some products and really like them! Just wanted to share**

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  1. I love Mary Kay's mascara! Love it! I will have to check out the lotions at Whole Foods now!


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