Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thrifty Thursday! May Week 3

Ya'll...I apologize for holding back. I have failed to show you some amazing finds from the past couple of weeks of thrifting at my neighborhood Goodwill. Here they are!
Burberry shoes in my size! Don't worry, I will freeze them before I wear them.
Clockwise from top right: Gap skirt, Funny Tshirt for my son, and a dress for my little one (acutally matches a shirt my hubby has!), a sweater dress for my daughter (next season), Nativity figurines for our Mass bag, and a fun 80's camera)
These are just a few of the embroidered wall art I got!!! I am so very excited, because I already have a couple of nice pieces my grandmother made, and now these....I can't wait to show you my wall makeover!
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