Thursday, May 30, 2013

Great Thrift! Thrifting Tips 2 of 3: Buying Ahead

 Did you think I forgot? Well, I did. This post was meant for Tuesday! Hope ya'll stick around, because next week is part 3 and will be on next Tuesday!

This is my favorite tip. This is what keeps me sucessful in outfitting my kids for cheap!!

Buy Ahead: Seasons This means looking through the jackets and sweaters during the spring and fall (if you need one for next winter season) or the shorts during the colder months. [I know here in Texas there are some days in winter where we can wear shorts]. Not a lot of people are shopping in the coat section during the summer, so the potential for finding a treasure is higher in the summer. So what if you dont wear it right away? The money spent is usually always under $10 in my experience. Plus, for myself, I keep a small wardrobe, and only buy things that will be very functional as well as lovely.

Buy Ahead: Sizes Use this tip if you have kids. I dont predict that I will change sizes myself. =)
Its the same as hitting a great sale at a regular store at the end of a try and predict what sizes your kids will be wearing next year. Usually, with more affordable brands like Carters Faded Glory, etc there is not as much room in the sizing to begin with (I find that the cheaper the clothing, the worse off the sizing is, either by accuracy or room). I don't buy ahead in those brands. But nicer brands, such as Janie and Jack, LL Bean, etc, have more room, the kids can wear the items longer, so the chances of your prediction being correct is higher. Plus things like boy's shorts from the Gap and other places have adjustable waists!


  1. Great Advice! I am also a Goodwill blogger and it just makes good sense to do these things. I shopped thrift while raising three kids and I would not change it for anything...we always found great bargains and items still with tags on. It also makes so much sense for active kids who love to destroy clothes when they play!! Thanks for the excellent tips!

  2. This is TRULY the biggest tip!! I totally didn't realize this until I went to look for winter clothes at a thrift store during WINTER! Sure enough...nothing there! Needless to say, I bought like crazy for summer!


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