Monday, April 8, 2013

Sewing Challenge Week 2

Last week I posted about my little Sewing Challenge. Things went very well and very slowly. I was truly able to enjoy pinning and cutting the fabric. Conscious prepping

 I like this "slow sewing". I now know where my machine is, I cut out the pattern, and bought some fabric for the facings and pockets.I did not have enough of the anchor fabric even for the facings! Argh. The sweet heart fabric for the pockets was found at a local store called Elegant Stitches over on West Avenue that I heard about from awesome seamstress and blogger Jenny over at Sew Pretty Dresses. The store is very nice, the customer service is exceptional, and they have high quality fabrics, they just need more inventory
!! I got some awesome trims and a super luxe feeling jersey.
Goodies from Elegant Stitches

This week the plan is to finish cutting the facings and sew all major seams! Wish me luck!
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  1. I love how slow you are taking this. I tend to get impatient cutting out my fabric. I bet it I planned to take it slow I would be better off.

    1. Thanks, yes I usually rush it, and get lazy with marking stuff too, then I wonder whyyyy my item turned out bad! Hopefully this time things will turn out amazing!

  2. I am loving that hearts fabric you have there. Its very pretty and cant wait to see what it turns into. Plus I love that your taking your time and enjoying the process, It makes it more special


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