Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pre-School at Home and Dollar Store Woes

This post probably would make more sense on a Monday but Monday is oh so...Mondayish.

This week I am really concentrating on  the Preschool/Fun/Homeschool activities I have been wanting to do with the kids. Now that lots of things are more organized in the house (like, paper towels in accessible areas and other basics), including the garage (gasp! celebrate!! its awesome!), I feel like I can really focus!!

Themes for the week:
Clouds! We will be learning the very basics and then doing a fun shaving cream/food coloring project and then making cloud dough later in the week (thank you pinterest). We are going to check out some cloud books from the library tomorrow.

Bears: Our BFIAR (Before Five in a Row) book is Corduroy, so I decided to pull a few bear books from our shelves to extend the theme.

To keep the littlest one occupied, I decided to make a special "sensory bin" of beans. So far it has been a big hit here and a big mess because I did not place a sheet underneath the bin.+++The little ones are always completely supervised+++

And the big news...THE DOLLAR STORE WAS A BUST.  I have only been to a dollar store one other time, for candy? I think. All the pinners on pinterest seem to recommend the dollar store for supplies like sensory bin fillers, cheap flour to make cloud dough....let me just say, I went and spent $25 dollars at a dollar store, I got flour, oil, food colors, beans, oatmeal, shaving cream and a pack of rags. I then went to my local grocery store for our weekly groceries and every item except for the food coloring was cheaper at my grocery store. No only did I go out of my way, but I spent more money and TIME. $25?!? Lots of money to learn a lesson. But I am super excited and the kids are already having a really special week!

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  1. We've tried the beans too and it is fun but a big mess! Love the idea of using a sheet. I wound up vacuuming them up which felt like a big waste.


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