Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Learning at Home: A Simple Homeschool Approach

holding down our coloring page with a sticker

materials for the week
We are finally, finally getting settled enough for me to start a learning routine with my 3 year old. Last year was chaos! Hardly the best time for him to start learning in a more structured way.
Back in August I posted HERE that I would begin homeschooling in September. HA! What was I thinking?!
My goal is to help expand my son's learning. Complicated cirriculums are not for me, as this is PREK and I want my son to have more experiences than "desk time". Museums, art, zoo....all these places/things are teaching tools too!!

Today was my first attempt at teaching. I prepared a list of what I wanted to accomplish the night before, and prepared the following activities:
Playdoh basket ready with dough and tools
Coloring page (Saint of the week) with very few crayons in a special holder
Baking soda/vinegar activity ready to do with droppers and food coloring nearby

It might not seem like much, but those simple acts did two things 1) helped keep me accountable to actually do the activities and 2)saved me time during the day

Storytime at library
Selected books to go with our theme/letter of the week at the library
Talking about the letter of the week repeatedly
Read about the Saint of the week
We did not read our BOB book but will do so tomorrow

Simple, but a start.
We will be doing Before Five in A Row, but I need to shop on ebay for the book selection and also do some prep work. I would rather hold off and be prepared myself instead of throwing something together.
We will also be exploring Ants this week.

I am going to be looking for a basic phonics program too!


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I have a three year old and since moving to San Antonio she hasn't been in preschool so I'd like to get started on teaching her a couple days a week at home, to keep her busy and her mind exploring the world. (Also love the idea of holding the coloring or writing page down to the table with a simple sticker!!)

  2. Great job! I'm homeschooling a kinder and I have a 3 year old but haven't included him as much. These are some great ways to include him too. THanks.

  3. Simple is best. They have very intricate things out there, and for the most part....unnecessary!

    For phonics, Explode the Code works really really well for us. Nice pictures - lots of coloring involved. Great for the littles. It's a very nice and simple program. The books are $6.95 each so very very affordable.

    It works really well, and my 4 year old enjoys it a lot. You see improvement really fast.


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