Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Preparing The Environment

the most orderly environment i have seen in months
We just moved here a few months ago, and my environment is just now becoming somewhat functional.  I have just started hanging pictures and have unpacked all the craft and home decor items. I have exactly 7 extra lamps that I have no use for!!
It is far from gorgeous or welcoming. I basically have one room (the dining room that is not being used as a dining room) for crafts, toys and school. It is a far cry from a dream room featured on any page in Domino magazine.
I am really loving Amy Butler's Home though!

Aside from general decor, I am officially starting preschool at home with Mr. Z in September (hey, if anyone can find a curriculum with step by step instructions that merges Catholic, Montessori and Charlotte Mason styles, let me know, HA). Not only am I preparing SIMPLE lessons (hey, this is Preschool after all), but I need to "prepare the environment". This term comes from the Montessori idea that items need to be accessible to little ones, orderly, and interesting, with natural materials, shapes, etc.

I am also organizing some really great books I picked up half off at the TORCH registration! I have bookmarked pages from a Montessori Teacher's Collective HERE and Maitri Learning. So far the only "curriculum" I am going to buy is the Before Five in a Row.

So is going very slowly. I want to walk into my home and feel relaxed and inspired! Or does that not happen in real life? =)

How do you decorate? Where do you get your inspiration?

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  1. ohhh...i love and miss domino mag. we might be in the same life stage...and my house is overrun by toys and such as well :) as much as i like a well decorated house, my only goal is to keep things orderly right now!


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