Monday, August 6, 2012

Easiest Brooch DIY EVER!

In case you have not noticed from any previous posts, I like to shop and I like old, used stuff. That is one way to put it. I like rummaging around in people's forgotten treasures. Shopping at thrift strores and estate sales gives me the illusion that I am a kajillionaire since everything is super affordable.
I have a small collection of brooches that have been sitting in a drawer since high school. They have been through every move, from Dallas to Boston and then some. They just sat there, and I always wondered how to display them, but never really felt any sort of tray felt right for my brooches.
Last year, while decorating a house we had just purchased, I came across these really interesting canvases with flocked embossed detailing on them at Michael's for 25 cents each. I bought 4, thinking they would go great in my black/red/cream living room. They did not quite work out there. Long story.
I recently had the idea to stick my brooches on them and stand them up, like wall art, or a framed picture. I have 2 more canvases left, so there is plenty of room to grow my brooch collection.
left to right: cat looking into fishbowl, Avon owl (I have the original box too!), milkglass, pretty petite, and 3 points. I love them! They need some friends, they are looking a bit lonely.

It only took me a year to have this idea.
What do you think? Do you have a collection without a home?

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