Monday, July 30, 2012

Ebay Shopping Challenge

I like to think of myself as very well versed when it comes to shopping. Possibly extremely well versed. I know my brands, fabrics, how sizes run, and how much items should cost. I love to buy used when I can, but lately, buying for the children in their correct sizes has been something I have been shopping for new. Dear Husband issued a challenge for me: to buy clothes for the kids with the money in my paypal account. How could I possibly consider not participating in this challenge? I am confident I can shop for a living and make someone money. In my case, I can shop for a living and save us money. Challenge accepted! There was $25 in my paypal just buring a hole in my electronic pocket. Since I finally have a decent assortment of cloth diapers, I did not feel like this was going to hinder my cloth diapering (I am pretty sensitive about my diaper money aka paypal)

The Nitty Gritty:
2 Carters outfits for baby $ 8  Excellent condition, great deal!

2 pairs of jammies for Mr. Z  $6  BAD MOVE! The seller did not list a condition in her description (I always say excellent, good, etc in my listings) and I did not ask her the condition. We got the son can wear one pair, but the other is not something I want him wearing. Lots of pilling, wash wear, stretched out. My bad!

Old Navy baby girl top & Childrens Place bloomers  $6 Super cute, not something I would gravitate to in the store but I love this outfit!

How cute is this pettiskirt?!
2 Baby Gap Onesies, Baby Gap Dress, Old Navy Dress, Old Navy Top and Skirt $10 Amazing!! I am so happy with this lot! One of the onesies came with a separate TUTU skirt.

Baby Gap Sundress, Hat and Bloomers $7 So very nice!

Total spent $37! oops!
 Obviously I went over budget, but overall I am very happy with what I got! I did not have to go to the mall with the kids in the heat, the merchandise came to my door, AND I recycled. Estimated retail value for 3 of these items are what I spent on the entire lot (hello, baby gap). Now the baby is ready for late summer with all this, and my son only needs one more pair of jammies. I learned to always question the condition if it is not listed. One of the most exciting things about buying used is that you never know what you might find! Inventory changes daily.
Do you "ebay"? What do you look for?

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