Monday, October 12, 2015

Works in Progress

In case you wondered what happened to this blog, I have had the biggest writer's block, combined with my computer not working yet again. (Writing this on the iPad)
But I wanted to show yall what I am working on, and some sewing goodies.

I finished the top of my first Jellyroll quilt! (I can't find a picture of it al, together, just use your imagination)

But I decided to wait to quilt it after I finish some more seasonally appropriate projects, like this Cat City quilt.

I am almost done with the top, but need to pop into Mesquite Bean (the fabric store where I bought everything in this post, actually), they are super helpful and can help me troubleshoot. My kids are excited to see my progress on this project. If I finish this week, I want to buy some fun fall fabric and make the girls (and I) matching skirts! Wouldn't that be fun? 
I am finding the process of making a quilt a learning curve for me. I am used to quick little projects that require minimal patience. A quilt is a different animal! But it is oh so very happiness inducing. It's just sewing straight lines, really. I thought I could never "be" a quilter because my math skills are a bit slow, but if I take my time and pay attention, I can definitely be a quilter. Paying attention is perhaps the biggest lesson for me here. And all the fabrics that don't look like they would come together well, they just DO. 

I bought what I needed for hand quilting my cats, but I think I want to machine quilt this one. I don't know, I keep changing my mind. 

Oh, and I got my hands on the amazing Tula Pink coloring book. Omygosh! I can't wait to share this with my daughter, the Coloring Queen. 
Have a great day!

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