Friday, February 27, 2015

Treats for Me: Makeup and Jewelry

This blog has mainly highlighted my awesome thrift store finds. I am frugal to no end in some categories, but I do pay retail for a few things: makeup, jewelry and fabric. Of course.
But I don't just like "things" in those categories...I like experiences and information too.

For my makeup/beauty fix I have a Birchbox subscription, which I love! I really don't have lots of time to go to different beauty stores and discover great new items, and I don't read beauty magazines anymore because they are too expensive (I sometimes flip through them at the library but I really would rather read books). Birchbox does the research for me, and every box comes with a card that describes each product and gives retail prices for full sizes...and it COMES IN THE MAIL. I love mail. I have yet to purchase a full size item, because every month I am sent such great goodies! If you are interested in a subscription, click here and sign up through my link (I will get points!) Birchbox has a great Instagram account too!

For my jewelry fix...I have been a Stella and Dot customer for a couple of years now and I LOVE everything that I have bought. Last night I hosted my first Trunk Show and it was really fun, because I had not seen any of the new spring line in person. My stylist is awesome (and a local mama too!) and it was a low key, chatty evening. I like to hear about the pieces, what they do (the Sutton necklace "morphs" into 5 different necklaces and I love it), whats new, and the different ways to wear them. I got to see the Pegasus necklace, the Birdie Necklace (3 in 1!), and the Getaway bag...all of which I had not seen in person before and am seriously crushing on.

 If you want to take a peek, click here. If you do place an order, I get credit for my trunk show.

What are your favorite things to buy? Or are you frugal in every category?


  1. I rarely buy makeup or jewelry anymore! (I save my "fun" money for school supplies and books, ha!) Interested in the Birch Box since you recommend it.

    1. I had a subscription before but cancelled it then renewed it because I missed getting prettily packaged goodies (that I actually use) every month.

  2. I am pretty frugal in almost every category. But I do like to splurge for earrings and a great lipstick.


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