Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Build Your Weight Loss Wardrobe With #Thrifted Finds @GoodwillSA

Have you ever been "in between" sizes? Were you at a loss in regards to what to wear everyday?

I am in the process of losing some weight, and now that I have items for my capsule wardrobe (see previous post here), I can concentrate on RIGHT NOW. Right now I am in between sizes and really cannot see myself spending $$$ on clothes that are just for this temporary stage. Of course, Goodwill here in San Antonio has been a great resource for me to find a nice collection of high quality clothing in my current size for LESS $$$. Win!

Just look at these treasures:
Peruvian Connection (where a plain tshirt retails for $50) black sweater tunic. This is gorgeous in person, and feels amazing. It is made of baby alpaca and wool.

BCBG Maz Azria layered shirt (far left). This top has a sheer silk like top layer and a tshirt material tank attached underneath with a ribbed waistband. So comfy!

Loft black and white top (far right)

Talbots blue tshirt and boat sweater

Gap white tee (not pictured)

Boden skirt (my only wildcard here, not sure what I will pair this with but I love this skirt--it even has pockets!)
 $3.99 each. Ya'll. I repeat. $3.99. WHERE ELSE CAN YOU FIND THESE AMAZING PRICES?!
Notice I kept the color scheme mostly black (I will finally admit it, I love to wear black, especially this time of year), blue and neutral. I am pairing most of this with leggings and a pair of very forgiving jeans I have on hand.

Oh! And I found these very comfy non clunky Naturalizer slip ons for $8.99! They were brand new when I thrifted them, I have since been wearing them non stop.

 What do you think? Go find your local Goodwill today and stock up. You won't regret it. To find the Goodwill near you in San Antonio, check out this link.

I was given a gift card to purchase some of the items in this post. All opinions are my own, ya'll know I love a good thrift store!

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  1. The boden skirt would look great with a white T and a denim vest or jacket. Congrats on the weight loss!!!!!!! What are you doing .... I need to join you :) seriously!


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