Thursday, September 11, 2014

From the Recycle Bin to the Playroom: Easy Straw Project Play

If you know about our creative play shelves, which I blogged about HERE, (also featured in today's print edition of the San Antonio Express News...check out the new myDIY section) you know that we have a special bin just for recyclables that might be useful for creative play.

The other day, I noticed some straws on the floor and my son was being really quiet in his room. Usually, when the kids are really quiet, a mess of some sort is also involved. Not this time! My son took the following supplies with him to his room from the recycle bin: straws and the plastic packaging that cherry tomatoes come in, and the berry baskets.

He was very carefully, methodically putting the straws inside the tomato container. I was in such awe of his concentration I failed to get a great picture. Here he is below, playing with his creation the next day. I will note he did take a BUNCH of straws out. Also, I thought that he would naturally put the straws in the berry baskets, but he chose the container that doesn't seem as accessible. Interesting.

 How much did this project cost me? ZERO DOLLARS! We have straws to drink from and the tomato container came with food we needed. I didn't even know this was a project...I just kept the materials in an accessible place and let my child's imagination lead the way.Win, Win!

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  1. I adore it when our kids use their own creative juices to find new ways to play with ordinary items! It's better than watching them play with a toy any day. :)


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