Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Closet Cleanup/Mini Capsule Wardrobe Part 2

Since last week's vlog, I have been slowly but steadily working on the wardrobe. I shipped off 21 pieces of clothing (and one pair of shoes!) to Twice (much like Thread Up, if you sign up using my link I will get a store credit) for free and am eagerly awaiting their offer for my used stuff.

Included in the bag is the most gorgeous Plenty by Tracy Reese black and cream eyelet skirt pained me to send it off but that skirt NEVER fit me. I donated at least 20 pieces to Goodwill, and still have a small pile here that I am deciding what to do with.

I have also separated out items that will not be in the Fall Capsule and put them in a separate closet.
Items did not make the cut but are being kept because of the following:
  • I will be in the postpartum phase and need comfy, forgiving, nursing friendly clothes
  • I have 2 special occasion dresses that I need in my arsenal
  • A couple of sweaters that will be too warm for fall
  • Silk tops that are not nursing friendly
  • Pink tops -- I felt they are not going to go well with my navy/neutral/black color scheme for fall, but will definitely wear them in the spring

There are a lot of maybes right now. The only definite piece I have is my diaper bag. I have 4 pairs of jeans and one pair of stretchy pants that I am not sure about, because they are in a range of sizes.

 Citizens of Humanity, Joe's Jeans, Joe's Jeans and Banana Republic jeans. All except one pair are from Goodwill!
I will be able to make a final decision on these soon. I still have 27 pieces in my potential fall wardrobe. There are big gaps that I am finally able to realize because of this project. I have "stuff" but not the right stuff. When you carefully consider each piece, and how it will be worn, it makes a difference in what you buy! Just "grabbing something at Target" usually does not mean "careful consideration".  Dresses and woven shirts are a big gap in my wardrobe, as well as shoes. There is too much pink. I have belts. Why do I have belts?!

Stay tuned next week (or maybe even later this week!) and I will have a vlog showing you what is staying and what is being stored in the extra closet!


  1. Wow, using Twice is a great idea. I like the idea of sending in a bunch of things and hopefully being able to trade them for a couple of new(ish) items.

  2. I wish I had your Goodwill! Ours is sorely lacking in quality. I also use Twice and ThredUp, and for some of my nicer/still in great shape/brand name items, I sell them on Poshmark. I'm also struggling to fill my gaps with 'the right stuff'.


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