Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our New SparkboxToys! #playlearnreturn

This is not a sponsored post, we just love this service.

Recently we heard about Sparkbox Toys from Melissa over at Lone Star Signers. We signed up to get a new box of toys every 8 weeks (we actually sent back our toys a bit after the 8 week mark, but there are no late fees), sending back the "old" ones and getting new ones. What a great, wonderful service! This has really let me purge the toys that we own, because 1) who has space for unused things? No one! and 2) it helps me identify different types of toys that really keep the kids engaged. If we end up really in love with a toy, we can purchase it at 20% off the listed Amazon price.

We got our new box yesterday, and the kids could not wait to open the box. I was so excited too, I had been tracking the package since it shipped (and Sparkbox sends me the tracking info in a special was easy to track from my phone without having to cut and paste the tracking number).

If you sign up with my invite link, I get a free month! Then you tell your friends and so on.... ;)
Here is what arrived yesterday:

 We got a set of mirror blocks, soundboxes by Guidecraft (match the sounds! with color coded dots to double check yourself), magnatab numbers, and a Tegu pocket pouch of wooden magnetic blocks. So much fun to be had!! Off to purge our own toys even more.
How can this service be helpful to you?

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  1. That magnatab was a very popular toy in this house! Perfect sensory activity for "on the go!"


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