Friday, June 6, 2014

7 Quick Takes #Friday

Hello to the end of a long week. Linking up with the awesome Jen Fulwiler for 7 Quick Takes today.

1. I am still super excited (and tired) from my trip to Massachusetts for the Barefoot Books conference. Our keynote speaker Mary Christensen said "Multitasking is the road to mediocrity" My friend Richele says multitasking is a "liar and a thief" Oh, how very, very correct they are.

2. We didn't thrift too much this week but we did find these books!

3. Super duper very excited to be attending the San Antonio Catholic Homeschool conference this weekend. I know I will learn a lot....and I get to meet Jen Fulwiler herself!!! I absolutely loved her book Something Other Than God and I can't wait to tell her so in person. EEEK! I AM EXCITED CAN YOU TELL?!

4. Not sure what to expect but I will be attending a "library ambassador training" next week for our public library system. What am I getting into? Guess I will find out next week! I will keep you posted. Also hoping to be able to attend the local Born To Read meeting coming up soon as well. I really feel like this can be a way for me to give back. Pray for me.

5. Delivering books this week and next. I seriously love giving people the books they ordered. Its like Christmas for them and me.

6. Maybe if I pretend like I want my kids to watch too much TV they will stop bothering me about it? Seriously after 2 shows I am SO.DONE. with listening to the kids shows.

7. We found 2 new favorite books this week, one being the Barefoot "The Prince's Breakfast" I read it exactly 10 million times and then played the audio CD for me the kids. Hugh Bonneville aka Robert Crawley does the audio. I could listen to him read all day ;) My son is also obsessed with the Magic School Bus series. I think he looked at one of the thrifted titles for an hour. Amazing.

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