Monday, May 5, 2014

Answer Me This Volume 2

Hello hello! Time for my 2nd "Answer me this" linking up with Kendra, go check her out!

1. Are you becoming your mother?
Ha, sometimes when I am speaking I am like "What is my mother doing here?!" and then realize it's ME talking. But not too often.

2. Coffee or tea?
Tea!! Something warm and cozy about a cuppa tea! I do have lots of tea. Actually a whole cabinet of tea. And I LURVVV me some tea parties. But coffee has always made me sick, I tried drinking it in college because our meal cards worked at the Special Starbucks by the school bookstore but NAH! I tried so hard. Everyone with their iced coffee...and me. I enjoy sweet tea as well! (Southern Girl for ya)

3. What foreign country would you like to visit?
Italy! Spain! France! I want to go to all the places hubby has visited, since I have heard so many stories. Lets just say I won't be picky if my husband offers me a trip somewhere.

4. Do you cry easily?
Nope, I probably get mad more easily than I cry.
5. How often do you wear heels?
Never. Never. Never. I have to chase children and I am pretty uncoordinated so I know better than to set myself up for a fiasco.

6. Do you play an instrument?
No, see question above. Totally uncoordinated. I can't imagine myself trying to move my hands, read music, etc.

Check back next week for volume 3.


  1. How funny--I don't like coffee, either. I can do ICED tea, but if I'm going for a warm beverage, it's hot chocolate all the way!

  2. The only way I can tolerate tea is iced and sweetened, otherwise, coffee all the way! Ironically, I can't stand iced coffee.

  3. I feel you on the heels! I gave up on them after having my children and carrying around carseats!


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