Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sewing Things

Well hello there.
It has been a while. We have all been sick and are recovering, thank God. I am also in the middle of decorating my master bedroom, rearranging my dining room into a sitting room and moving all the kids stuff into my son's room from the former dining room. Whew.

I have been working on these sewing projects for a couple of weeks now, the original plan was to sew them for Kids Clothes Week but I am behind, behind, behind.

I finally got on a roll with the Lazy Days Skirts but realized I did not have the correct elastic...whooops! So that set me back a bit. Also being sewn: Class Picnic Shorts (also by Oliver & S, love the patterns).

The shorts will be in the monkey fabrics and the skirts are shown above, sans elastic.

I hope to show you finished products soon!


Thank you in advance for sharing your lovely thoughts.