Monday, February 24, 2014

An Educational Thrift Haul with @GoodwillSA

*Disclosure: I received a Goodwill gift card for items purchased in this post*

I have had some great luck at Goodwill here in San Antonio this past month.
Especially in the educational, kid and homeschool friendly category!

Lakeshore Learning Alphabet Dough Stamps (set was complete!) I paid $1.99 at Goodwill. They retail for $24.99 brand new.
This is a great addition to our playdough center and the kids love them. 

Bulletin Board borders. They were 99 cents. I might put these in the playhouse, right under the windows and rotate them out every now and then. Love how the drawings are real and not all "cutsey".

Tactile Beads. Paid $2.99 and they retail for $19.99 at Lakeshore. Note: this set was not complete BUT we do have more than are pictured. My kids made a necklace and I have to find it. =) Perfect for my toddler, and my preschooler even gets into playing with these. So far we had not had much luck with my 4 year old lacing things, but since these are so large, they are working really well.

A lite brite! Paid $3.99! I was worried the kids wouldn't like this, as I remember having fun with this toy as a middle schooler...but they love it! They seriously play with it at least 45 minutes a day. It came with the pegs and lots of picture refills to make different designs.

Cash Register
Also from Lakeshore Learning.
Came complete with money, the coins are realistic looking AND when you put them in the register it says "dime" "nickel" "penny", etc.
This retails for a lot more than the $3.99 I paid! I added batteries and did have to take it apart to fix a stuck drawer. Well worth the effort.

Pack of 19!! paintbrushes. They look a little rough but there are a bunch of them and we really needed more brushes. $3.99 for the lot.

I had a great month of thrifting, even with not being able to go to Goodwill as often as I would have liked. Did you find anything awesome this month?


  1. Nice haul! My kids love to go to Goodwill because there's always something different on the toy shelf. Which location were you at?

  2. I took my daughter to Goodwill for a birthday party she just gave my grandson and we found some amazing items which fit her theme. Goodwill in San Antonio is just the best place to begin shopping! Your paint brush bunch is a great find!


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