Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happiness Is.....

Wednesday. Happiness IS Wednesday. Why?
Because its another day, another chance. Its more time to love, create, change and learn.

Today I am linking up with Lisa over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting. Stop by and check out all the "Happiness Is" links, they will surely bring you a smile.

Happiness is.....
"New" books in the Little Free Library

getting an email from the library that my books I requested are ready!

a book tower. That crashed and turned into a book mountain.

Happiness is sharing a story with anyone who will listen, cuddling them and enjoying the warmth.

Happy Wednesday, yall!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for hosting Lisa. I'm late to the party on my comments so happy Thursday night to you!

  2. Im so jealous of all your books. We dont have any room yet for books so we hang on to our favorites and donate piles every couple of months. Plus we get a lot from the library :)

    1. They are my weakness. I wish every wall had the library too!

  3. So many reasons to celebrate happiness! And reading your posts and seeing your lovely photos made me happy too. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Aw thanks Colleen, I appreciate you stopping by! =) Reading this comment made me smile.


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