Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Homeschool Preschool 2013-2014

Once again, we have decided to keep our son home and have him experience preschool through homeschooling. This was a big decision for us. There are many excellent preschools in our city.
However, I feel called to teach my son at home. It is very important to me that I lay a strong foundation for him.

Here is what we are using for curriculum:

Mother of Divine Grace School Kinder Curriculum
Before Five in a Row
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
Golden Books Workbooks
Music: Classical Music for Children (Prekinders Blog) 
Art: Pulling a lot from MaryAnn F. Kohl's books. Also trying to get my hands on Mommy It's a Renoir!

Main places of inspiration and reference:The Well Trained Mind
Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum
Elizabeth Foss-Storybook Year

From MODG:

Poetry 3 minutes
Reading 15 minutes
Religion 15 minutes
Art/Math (rotate) 15 minutes
Evening: Literature and music

Our religion instruction will include a morning offering, mass readings, and 1 decade of the rosary per day.
The Before Five in a Row is a great way to continue loving books and incorporating fun activities related to the books. And of course, playdates, TORCH activities, and trips to local places of interest.

Wish me luck! 
Do you homeschool? What curriculum do you love?

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