Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Easy Cheap Kid's Library (and a DIY) with Goodwill!

Want to start a library for your kids on the cheap?
Go to Goodwill!!

The books pictured are the result of less than 15 minutes at Goodwill. The larger books, such as the Winnie the Pooh Stories and the Easy to Read stories were $1.99 each. (If I would have bought The Rainbow Fish at a bookstore, it would have cost $15.99!) The smaller books were 99 cents each. The prices are great!

Looking through the children's books at Goodwill here in San Antonio is something I do every single time I go. If I only have a few minutes to thrift, I go straight to the books and then look at the rest of the store. I get so excited to see all the great books, from vintage to new to quirky...Goodwill has 'em!
If you read my blog, you know that we love books. We have books on our shelves, tables and chairs. We have books piled high in our name the room, there are books present! We buy new Barefoot Books, but everything else is 98%  from Goodwill. This has enabled me to provide a wonderful, interesting library for my children, and to share books with others as well. What adult doesn't love a great story book passed on from a trusted friend?! Kids love sharing books too!

On the same trip to Goodwill, I found these awesome baskets for our bookshelves. We really need some organization on the shelves, and I am thinking of putting all of the little collections we have...whale books, bear books, etc. in the baskets to keep them together and handy when we need them. I almost passed the baskets up, they were hiding on a bottom shelf in the basket section. But out of the corner of my eye I saw them and SNAP! I grabbed them quick! They even have felt pads on the bottom..and they were only $1.99 each!!



I love gold and white together! Plus, these baskets are portable, and I was also thinking of keeping a basket of books in the car. Books everywhere all the time....yeshhh.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think! I would love to hear what you find at Goodwill too!

*Disclaimer: I was given Goodwill gift cards to purchase the items featured in this post*


  1. I love the Goodwill and Craigslist. Have you ever heard of the site Paperback Bookswap? It's an online club I guess you would say, where you trade through the mail books. It's another way to get books and clear out some space of books you no longer want. Anyway, cute site! Found you on the Bloody Marys Count as Salad linkup and look forward to exploring your blog more.
    ~Jenn @

  2. All our books are from goodwill! The location at 410 often has kids book 4 for a dollar. I love finding books that I read as a child that I would never find in a bookstore.

  3. All our books are from goodwill! The location at 410 often has kids book 4 for a dollar. I love finding books that I read as a child that I would never find in a bookstore.

  4. I love how you combined not only finding books at Goodwill but also Organizing books from Goodwill! pippa

  5. I love Love Love Books from Goodwill! Im just like you in that I have to always first of course go through the books when Im at a Goodwill :)

    Love your book finds and baskets

  6. Which Goodwill store has the best selection in San antonio. I am interested in cookbooks and elementary readers.

  7. I was wondering which Goodwill Locations in SA are best to shop for cookbooks and elementary grade readers.

  8. Diana,
    Thanks for your comment. It is tricky, because the merchandise changes hourly =). That is part of the fun!! Although I would recommend the Austin Highway location and the 281 location for books. Elementary readers...hrm. I just saw some great elementary activity books at the Austin Highway location last night. They probably have some good readers too! Let me know how the search goes!

  9. I went last to the store on Austin HWy and found some great readers for my dd. I didn't have much luck with cookbooks. I will have to stop buy again in a few weeks.

    1. Awesome to hear about the readers!! I will let you know if I ever spot a treasure trove of cookbooks =)


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