Friday, August 23, 2013

Baby Sign Languge! Lone Star Signers in San Antonio!

Have you ever taken your kids to an activity that you were not sure about, and wanted, needed to know more to get super excited about?

On Wednesday, I went to a free mini information session and then stayed for a Baby Signging Time Class. Now, I had no expectations, but I knew it would be fun.
Let me tell you, I am just so blown away with the activities that were done and the things that my kids came home doing. Trying to sign. Signing. Being excited about LETTERS and LANGUAGE.
After. one. session.
I am signing them up for this upcoming session, and I am so so excited about it. Its funny that I never really got the bug to teach my kids sign language. When I was in 6th or 7th grade, I checked out all the sign language books from the library and taught myself the alphabet. But after that, I had no one to practice with. Even then, some of the letters came back to my memory after the session on Wednesday! The great thing about Lone Star Signers is that they use American Sign Language...they don't use made up signs!

The teacher, Melissa, is a former school teacher who shares my love of wonderful books. She keeps her prices very competitive so that signing is accessible to as many families as possible. The tuition is PER FAMILY, not per child, which is amazing.
Check it out! I know you and your children will love it, I was very impressed.
Visit her on FB at Lone Star Signers
and on the web at her BLOG, Lone Star Signers

*Disclaimer, I was not compensated for this post.* Hopefully this post will be the first in a series of local businesses that I am excited about!
Melissa is someone who inspires me (she is an awesome organized homeschooling mom) and I offered to do this blog post.


  1. I always wanted to do this with my daughter and after we moved to San Antonio I never found place. Who knew it was so close to home. She is 4 now so it might be too late?

  2. My son is almost 4 and I feel he is going to get a lot out of it, especially since the teacher does other fun activities with them too. I think her child is older also. =)

  3. Veronica is right...we do a lot of preschool activities, too. My daughter is 5 and homeschooled, so we try to cater to all ages. ;)


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