Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Great Thrift! Thrifting Tips 3 of 3: Every. Single. Thing.

Its Tuesday ya'll! Time for the last post in the "Great Thrift!' series. Thank you all for such a great response and comments! Based on this, I am working on some more thrifty goodies for ya'll. Each Tuesday will be "Thrifty Tuesday" so stop by for some more tips, inspiration and more.

Tip 3 is.....drumroll please....

Every Single Thing: If you want jeans (insert item of choice here), you MUST look through every. single. pair in the thrift store you are at. I first scan the area and determine how much time I have. If I really need jeans, then I know how to manage my time (often short with little ones in tow). It can be overwhelming to go into a thrift store. I know, I know! But you have to focus. I start at one end of a section, and touch/look at every single item. Look through the men's jeans as well, often things in thrift stores are not where they are supposed to be! Often the racks are so packed with merchandise, if you had just casually looked or walked by, there is NO way to notice some treasures.
This tip is going to make you a convert, because you will find so many awesome treasures! Just last week I found a pair of 7 jeans for myself and a pair of Citizens jeans for hubby. His jeans were in the women's section and mine were hidden between 2 pairs of old navy jeans. You never know what you will find!!!

That ends our series of tips, but I will see you next Tuesday for more thrifty fun!

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  1. I love thrifting! Thanks for the great tips!! I just went to goodwill to make some DIY summer cut-off shorts. $4 a pop! Great blog :)


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