Monday, June 24, 2013

Feeding Others: A 30 Day Challenge

How can I connect with my neighbors?
How can I promote literacy in my city?
How can I help?
How can I help the hungry? (Because I know how bad I feel when I don't eat, I want to help those who can't eat).
How can I help?

I have been thinking for a while about a lot of things. Perhaps that is why I haven't been writing as much.
But finally, finally things came together for me today. The answer to my prayers!

My time is limited, just like everyone else's. We are all so busy with getting through the week. I have small children, so even making phone calls is sometimes impossible.

But I can still help.

Within the next 30 days, I will help my community in two ways.

One: Little Libraries. I will be a steward of 2 Little Free Libraries. I will be responsible for construction, installation and stocking of books. FEEDING MINDS. (Find out more about Little Free Libraries)

Two: Donating to the San Antonio Food Bank and No Kid Hungry. FEEDING PEOPLE.

These might seem too easy, like something I could do whenever. But I need deadlines and structure, or time just slips away.

Part One:
As you know, I sell kids books because I love books. I want my kids to love books, I want my neighbors to love them too. Our dear city of San Antonio has a need for reading!  I see quiet libraries. I need to see busy bustling libraries!! There are so many great FREE library programs, but is everyone taking advantage of them? Can they?
From Literacy San Antonio:
  • The illiteracy level in San Antonio is 25% (12.5 % illiteracy + 12.5% functionally illiterate) - City of San Antonio Department of Community Initiatives Family Resource Center
  • San Antonio ranks 7th in population and 60th in literacy in the USA. (US Census 2005)
There is so obviously a need for promoting books and reading. Especially to children.
But I need YOUR suggestions! Where do I put a Little Free Library? I have an idea for one location but not for the other. Suggestions are welcome!

Stay tuned for more details about Part 2 of my challenge, Feeding People.


  1. What a great goal you've set for yourself. I am not sure of where a great place would be for that second free library. Thinking...

  2. I was on a run on Whidbey Island in Washington last summer and I ran into my first Little Free Library. It was so charming. I love to read and I love the idea. I don't know the city well enough to have a recommendation for where to put the box but I applaud for both of efforts! :)

  3. Check out the Imagination Library. It was founded by Dolly Parton years ago; every child that signs up gets a free book in the mail every month from birth until they are five years old! It's a fabulous program, I'm a volunteer in my community.


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