Friday, November 9, 2012

Mail Friday

It is always so thrilling to me to see a big, colorful envelope or a package sticking out of the mail box, stuck into a mail slot, or sitting by the door, just waiting to be picked up. It is so fascinating to think about all the hands mail passes through, and all the miles mail travels to its intended home. So, I have issued myself a challenge: to send someone something re-purposed and thoughtful in the mail once a week for 6 months, using conventional letters or unconventional items as well. Did anyone else read the article about Mail Art in Martha Stewart's October magazine issue? I was totally inspired.

Here is my first attempt, this little re-purposed box (via Anthropologie lotion that is oh so lovely). It is going to a busy mama of two little ones. I hope she loves it!!

a little letter scroll style and a sticker for a little child

Have you ever sent or gotten anything other than a letter or plain box? I want to hear your stories!! Anyone with a pen pal?


  1. So cute! And yes, I order stuff from Amazon just to get packages in the mail ;)

  2. I wish I had a pen pal! but nope. My mailbox hardly ever has stuff. But I love getting mail


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