Friday, July 20, 2012

Welcome Lovelies!

Seven Lovely Things refers to my seven interests: Sewing, Reading, Fashion, Thrifting,  Home Decor, Kiddos and Travel. The number seven is also my lucky number, 07 is when I was married, and 7 has such huge Biblical significance. Such a special number.
Howdy ya'll and welcome to Seven Lovely Things blog! I am so excited to be here and am glad ya'll stopped by! I am a SAHM of two children and wife to a wonderful man. After college, I moved to the big city where I worked for a large corporation as an Assistant Buyer (where I first felt that my soul was in jeopardy of being stolen). However, there is where my passion for retailing was born. I moved on to a regional department store, and loved the wonderful group of people I worked with, but when my son was born, I decided to stay home. When he was a few months old we moved to the Boston area, where I became a cloth diapering, baby wearing mama. Those two things really opened up a new world for me in regards to parenting and staying at home. I in no way wish to judge or alienate anyone with a different lifestyle. Everyone has their own story and their own reasons for doing things.
We recently moved back to Texas from Massachusetts, and are getting readjusted to life in the South. I have always wanted to blog, but was intimidated until recently, when I had the pleasure of meeting other wonderful bloggers in San Antonio. 
My goal with this blog is this: to connect with others, express myself with grown up vocabulary (a dear privilege after being home with two little ones), and to share my lovely hobbies with you, which will keep me accountable so that I actually complete projects!
You can follow me on twitter @7lovelyT, on Facebook Veronica's Barefoot Corner, or via email at I look forward to sharing with and getting to know you!

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  1. Awesome, can't wait to see what you have in store!


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